The Pinterest Brand Bubble

“[...]‘A lot of brands are running too quickly to Pinterest,’ said John Bell, global managing director at Social@Ogilvy. ‘I think there is good reason for some brands to be there, but I think many are jumping on indiscriminately.’ There are solid reasons for many brands. Pinterest has over 11 million monthly unique visitors in under a year, according to data from Compete. Its growth is the proverbial hockey stick. Furthermore, Pinterest is a huge traffic referrer, which would potentially lead to more sales. According to a data from Shareaholic, Pinterest beats YouTube, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn and MySpace for percentage of total referral traffic in January. Twitter barely beat Pinterest, by only .01 percent. And what is also very appealing to brands and marketers is Pinterest’s demographic, which is predominantly made up of females who reside well within the coastlines of the U.S.[...]”
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