“Occupy Wall Street: Is Madison Avenue Listening?”

“At the Occupy Wall Street makeshift community at Zuccotti Park in New York City’s Financial District, protesters have embraced a grassroots multi-channel, multi-platform strategy to share their messages locally and around the globe. This amorphous movement taps the energy, creativity, and diversity of participants – and uses traditional and digital tactics to bring attention to its causes.”
read it in ClickZ 

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2 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Is Madison Avenue Listening?”

  1. keith thomson says:

    This is the PROBLEM! DO NOT COMMODIFY THE MOVEMENT! Jeez. I don’t give a fuck if Madison Ave. is listening! What? We want them continue to brainwash us by packaging more of their useless shit so that the less critical thinkers believe they ae doing something less evil? This post should be taken down.

  2. sobieski says:

    are you really belive this ? Is this going to happen ? Is it real ? Who stay behind this ? Isn’t it too hazy ? What else they tell on the tube ? Well … I can tell you for sure – it is too late :) you all are alredy doomed by your own self you all picked up the hard way :)

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